What is Group Supervision

Group Supervision is a project of the HCA aiming to the incessant education and growth of its members, since supervision is a vital process for every coach. The concept was first presented in 9th of April 2014, during a Knowledge Meeting with the subject “Coaching Supervision”.


Rationale of the “Group Supervision” Project

The primary idea is to create 4-5 teams of 4-5 coaches per team; each team will have collaboration with a HCA supervisor for a period of 4 months.

Every team will hold 4 sessions (1 session up to 2 hours / month).

The HCA supervisors will volunteer for the process, whereas each participant coach will have a 24€ fee, in order to commit to the program and respect the timetable, so everybody derives mutual benefits from this experience.


Who can participate

Α.  HCA supervisors


  1. Be a full HCA member
  2. Have at least 5 years practice in coaching
  3. Has received at least 10 hours of supervision as a coach during the last 2 years, of which any hours of group supervision will not consist more than 50% of the total.
  4. Have a 2year practice in supervision with 15 hours as a minimum.

Final selection process

  • Interview with the project team members (PMO) for reviewing criteria
  • Interview with an EMCC expert for validating the fitness for supervision


Β.  Participant coaches


  1. Be a full HCA member
  2. He/She should not attend a training coaching program during the project (graduating students are admitted).
  3. Have 1 year coaching practice as a minimum.


During the course of the project …

  • The project team (PMO) will have 2 meetings with the Supervisors
  • The participants will fill in a sessions reflection log
  • After completion, the participating coaches and supervisors will receive a Certificate of Attendance
  • An EMCC supervision log will be used as a form.


Benefits for participants

  • Systematic practice on core Coaching and Supervision competencies
  • Remain ‘fit’ – for coaches that have long pauses between their own client programs or who do not have many clients
  • Make contact with coaches and supervisors that come from different backgrounds, practice different types of coaching and use other models and techniques.
  • Develop personal network with other fellow coaches.
  • Boost incentive and professionalism.
  • Get the benefit of an Exchange services agreement: you offer your hours as a coach and you receive in return equal numbers of hours of supervision.
  • Further strengthening the ties within this professional association.
  • Support new coaches to gain confidence, collect coaching supervision hours and benefit from receiving feedback but also from the overall exchange and learn about different coaching styles.


If you are interested in participating

Please fill in the registration form (for coaches  or for supervisors), send it to the email address supervision@hca.com.gr by Friday 21/ 9/ 2018 and we will get in touch with you with further information and details for the implementation of the program.

* In case one is not an HCA member and wishes to apply as supervisor or coachee, he/she can submit his/her application form to HCA.

Project management team:

  • Maria Biquet- VP Marketing & Communications HCA / EMCC Greece
  • Myrto Raftopoulou – VP Standards & Ethics HCA / EMCC Greece