HCA's Solidarity Coaching programme has been voted as the best programme among all of the EMCC's country-members Solidarity Coaching programmes for 2015

EMCC gives out awards in three categories annually – one for Mentoring, one for Coaching and one for our Solidarity Coaching programmes.  A panel of judges, made up of the EMCC President and a representative selection of EMCC Affiliated Country Presidents, select one award winner in each category.
Nominations for each of the award categories are made in one of the following area:
•              An individual (mentor/coach)
•              A team (mentors/coaches)
•              A programme/scheme
•              A training course
•              An event
•              An organisation/company
•              A publication (book, article, paper, magazine etc)
•              A piece of research
•              Any other noteworthy contribution to mentoring or coaching.



This year's nominees for the Solidarity Coaching Award were Greece, France, Sweden and Luxembourg. HCA/EMCC Greece was awarded the EMCC 2015 Solidarity Coaching Award at a ceremony, which was held at the annual EMCC Conference in Istanbul on November 21st. The award was accept on behalf of HCA's Solidarity Programme, by the HCA President Marialexia Margariti (centre-left), the HCA Treasurer Katy Charalambidou (right) and member coaches of the HCA Solidarity Programme, Eleni Aroni (centre-rigth) and Christiane Pohl (left).