We are an association that operates with the principles of social responsibility for our members, stakeholders and the society at large. We uphold the values of transparency, open communication and social contribution, which guide our activities.

Nature of the “Solidarity Coaching” Project

The Hellenic Coaching Association/EMCC Greece (HCA) launched the ‘Solidarity Coaching’ project in 2011. Our aim is to support non governmental, non profit organizations to improve their results through coaching.

We offer customized, pro-bono executive coaching programs to members of the management teams and other executives of NGOs, in one of the following areas: Improvement of Personal Performance, Leadership Skills Development, Transition or Promotion to a Higher Position, Improvement of Personal Skills & Competencies (e.g. Communication, Negotiation, Interpersonal Relationships, etc), Management of Work Issues .

The coaching is offered by volunteer, experienced HCA coaches, for a set period of time of up to 6 months.  All HCA volunteer coaches have been selected by an independent committee of assessors based on criteria such as experience and training. In addition, they uphold the HCA- EMCC Code of Ethics and they commit to participating in regular group supervision sessions that are organised by HCA.
Why we offer this program

The current economic climate means that non profit organisations face unique challenges, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract resources and volunteers. In addition, there is a pressing need for better management practices that will help these organizations survive and excel. Our experience shows that coaching can positively impact the achievement of the goals of organizations and of individuals. In this context, we wish to support organisations that play such an important social role, in achieving their goals, while promoting coaching in the Greek society.


Who can participate

We work with small and large local and international NGOs. To date we have worked among others with Arctouros, Medecins Sans Frontiers, Greenpeace, WWF Hellas, Global Water Partnership, Klimaka, Praksis, Grammi Zwis, Anima, Kethea-Pleusis.


Benefits for Participating Organizations

The feedback we have received by clients and sponsors so far has been overwhelmingly positive, which encourage us to continue this project .

The main benefits are:

  • Strengthening of the executives and development of their skills
  • Personal development of executives increases commitment and engagement
  • Possibility of the development of a network of contacts and cooperation with other NGOs
  • Participation in a new and innovative action, from which other possibilities may emerge, such as new cooperations, sponsorships, etc.


If you are interested in participating – NGOs

Please review the Information Pack
Please complete the online Expression of Interest form and a member of the Project Management Team will contact you to review your needs.
If you would like more information, please contact us: president@hca.com.gr


If you are interested in participating – Volunteer Coaches

Please review the Information Pack
Please complete the Application and email to vp-standards@hca.com.gr
If you would like more information, please contact us: vp-standards@hca.com.gr


Project team members:

Marialexia Margariti, Katy Chalarambidou, Myrto Raftopoulou (vp-standards[at]hca.com.gr )


Watch the HCA Solidarity Coaching discussion on ERT3 – Studio 3, on May 17th 2016