Due to the great success of the first round of the Peer Coaching initiative, the HCA is pleased to announce the start of the 2nd round of the programme for 2014.

Twenty one coaches participated in the first round of the Peer Coaching project, which took place between October 2013 and April 2014, in a total of 113 coaching hours. The experience from the programme is described by the participants themselves in the following extracts taken from their comments on the evaluation forms they completed:

« I was quickened regarding my self-organization as a coach. »

«I saw different coaching styles. My perception regarding coaching was broadened. »

«The main benefit for me was the opportunity to evolve as a coach since I had the opportunity to collect hours of coaching without needing to find the client by myself a thing that had troubled me a lot until that phase of my career. In addition it was of great importance for me the acquaintance of really notable members of the profession and the inspiration and excitement that I derived from them.

«To see and compare coaching schools! »

«I had the opportunity to get in touch with very notable colleagues.»

«The program was perfect and exceeded my expectations.»

«A pleasant experience both as a coach and a coachee. I would like to repeat the experience. »

«I gained more coaching experience; I entered more in the reflection mode. The program was efficient. »

«The program lived up to my expectations fully.»


For more information regarding the 2nd round of Peer Coaching, including details on how to participate and dates, please refer to the main menu of this website, under the title "Knowledge" –> "Peer Coaching".