Why become a corporate member?


Corporate partnerships make a big difference to the work of HCA, by contributing to our growth and sustainability. Our corporate membership scheme is a great way for organisations to meet their own objectives and challenges through coaching, while actively contributing to the future of coaching in Greece.

Corporate members have the unique opportunity to participate in the Advisory Board that holds an advisory and consultative role to HCA Board of Directors, where they can share their ideas, opinions, concerns and experiences on matters relating to coaching/mentoring services that are significant to the corporate world.

In addition to playing a key role in the growth of coaching in the Greek market, corporate members can support the wider socially responsible and charitable work that we do. For instance, in 2011 the HCA launched the ‘Solidarity Coaching’ project with the aim to support non governmental, non profit organizations to improve their results through coaching. Under this scheme, experienced HCA volunteer coaches offer customized, pro-bono executive coaching programs to members of the management teams and other executives of the participating NGOs for a set period of up to 6 months. 

With the help of corporate partnerships, we are hoping to extend this pro bono program to other charities and social groups.


Benefits for corporate members

A.     Local benefits – Hellenic Coaching Association (HCA)

1.       Connection to the network of coaches and coaching organizations both locally & internationally

2.       Opportunity to participate in the Advisory Board that holds an advisory and consultative role to the HCA board on matters relating to coaching/mentoring services that are significant to the corporate members.

3.       Access to best practice quality standards essential for assessing coaching services and/or develop an internal coaching     practice, such as:

  • Code of Ethics
  • Coaching/Mentoring & Supervision Competency Frameworks
  • Professional Chart

4.       Free Access and/or discounts for HCA educational events and activities (solidarity coaching, peer coaching, group supervision)

5.       Free copy of the buyer’ s guide for coaching/mentoring (to be launched)

6.       Free copy of the Coaching Survey for Greece (to be launched)

7.       Use of HCA/EMCC logos

8.       HCA dedicated liaison/single point of contact


B.      International Benefits – European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)

1.       Discount for the accreditation of coaching/mentoring training programs and for individual internal coaches.

  • Ability to apply for accreditation in greek language (to be launched in 2015)

2.       Discounts/free access on all EMCC Conferences

  • Discount for the EMCC Annual International Coaching/Mentoring Conference
  • Discount for the EMCC International Research Conference
  • Free access to the E.Mentoring Conference

3.       Privileged access as presenters to all EMCC conferences.

4.       Opportunity to participate in international EMCC activities, such as Research, Marketing, Standards & Regulatory Affairs working groups.

5.       Free access to latest research results on coaching and mentoring.

6.       Free access to the International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching.


Criteria for corporate membership

  • The organisation has a legal entity & presence in Greece.
  • The organisation is not a provider of coaching/mentoring, training or consulting  services of any kind.
  • The organisation is not part of public sector services.
  • The organisation is not an academic institution (public or private).


For Further Information about Corporate Membership Please Contact

Isidoros Papamichalis – General Secretary of HCA/EMCC Greece

Email: general-secretary@hca.com.gr

OR/and download our brochure and application form here