In response to the significant growth of the Coaching business in Greece, both in terms of demand from individuals and organizations and in terms of coaching offer,  it is essential to establish clear quality standards in the Coaching profession.

HCA/EMCC is the body of reference for Coaching in Greece, preserving the interest of all stake holders in the profession and creating a space of open dialogue for them within the Association.

In order to stay in line with this inclusiveness, we have launched the following membership categories, according to the statutory requirements of HCA/EMCC Greece.


Membership categories


Full Member

– All trained coaches/mentors & founding members.  Only full members can vote and be elected to the HCA Board of Directors. In order to register as a Full Member, one needs to successfully graduate from a professional coaching training course recognized and accredited by the following professional bodies: ICF (ACTP, ACSTH training), EMCC (EQA Practitioner level and above). Other coaching training programs including those accredited or recognized by other professional coaching bodies (including AoC, WABC, AIC and others) will be examined on a case by case basis.


Affiliate Member

– All individuals interested in coaching, coaching trainees and students, coachees and coaches who can not comply with full membership requirements.


Corporate Member

– Any organization interested in coaching, which has a legal entity and presence in Greece, but is not a provider of coaching/mentoring, training or consulting  services of any kind, is not an academic institution or part of public services provider. At least 2 representatives of the said organisation can participate in the activities of the HCA/EMCC. For full details on the benefits of Corporate Members, please refer to the Main Menu, under the title "Membership" –> "Corporate Members". 


All categories of membership share the full benefits of the Association, such as:

  • Access to the largest network of coaches in Greece
  • Common Professional Charter and Code of Ethics
  • Professional growth/development and CPD recognition – knowledge meetings
  • Discounted/free participation to HCA/EMCC events
  • Data of latest coaching survey (currently 2011)
  • Contribution to the growth of coaching profession – solidarity coaching initiative
  • Further benefits under review for 2013 include third party liability insurance for coach, coaching books reviews, expertise training, inclusion in the Greek professional coaching register (for full members), supervision.


Plus all EMCC membership benefits

  • Access to the largest network of coaches/mentors in Europe (+5000)
  • Inclusion in the EMCC professional register (find a coach/mentor)
  • Access to the largest coaching/mentoring training network in Europe (90+ accredited programs)
  • Access to international individual coaching/mentoring accreditation (EIA) with reduced accreditation fees.
  • Access to the EMCC online forums
  • The EMCC journal “International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching”, giving access and update on Pan-European research
  • The EMCC quarterly newsletter presenting most recent coaching news in Europe
  • Discount for the annual EMCC International Conference
  • Discount for the annual EMCC Research Conference
  • Contribution to the growth of the profession and international networking by volunteering in EMCC work groups
  • Reduced subscription to the magazine “Coaching At Work”

Become an HCA member and participate in the fastest growing professional community in Greece!