What is Peer Coaching

The aim of the Peer Coaching initiative is the continual education and development of its members. The idea was first presented in the Knowledge Meeting of the 3rd of July 2013 and the first round of the program took place between October 2013 and April 2014 with the participation of 21 members.


Nature of the “Peer Coaching” Project

The core idea is the formation of a group of coaches who come from different backgrounds, have various levels of experience and practice different types of coaching in order to engage in peer coaching sessions and mutually benefit from the experience. Each coach will volunteer for 6 pro bono sessions as a coach plus 6 hours as a coachee. Therefore each participant needs to plan availability for the total of 12 sessions over the period of 6 months.


Who can participate

All participants need to have be members of the HCA and have completed a coaching skills training program or to be "in training" with a coaching programme during the application period for the Peer coaching programme.


Benefits for Participants

  • Practice systematically on core coaching competencies
  • Remain ‘fit’, – for coaches that have long intervals between their own client programs or who do not have many clients
  • Get in touch with coaches that come from different backgrounds, practice different types of coaching, and use other models and techniques.
  • Learn about different levels of contracting.
  • Build up your network with other fellow coaches.
  • Have the opportunity to practice and feel how it feels to be a coachee, if you did not have the chance recently
  • Experience different medium of coaching conversation (Skype, telephone or one to one )
  • Enhance motivation and professionalism.
  • Get the benefit of a “bartering” deal: you offer your hours as a coach and you receive in return equal numbers of hours of coaching.
  • Further strengthen the bonds in this professional community
  • Support new coaches to build up confidence, collect coaching hours, benefit from the exchange and learn about different coaching styles
  • Practice reflection by completing the session reflection forms
  • Giving and receiving feedback on a one to one basis to enhance personal performance and practice. Coach Evaluations can also be used as prove for coaching hours 


If you are interested in participating

Please send your contact details (name, e-mail, mobile phone) to program coordinator Vassia Maniaka at peercoaching[at]hca.com.gr and we will get in touch with you with further information and details for the program’s implementation.

The new cycle of Peer coaching will be starting on November 4th, 2015. Interest of participations needs to be declared by October 30th 2015.

The first meeting to decide the triads will be held on November 4th. The venue will be announced in a separate email. All interested participants must be present at the meeting.