Continuous Education is key to the mission of HCA/EMCC Greece to keep members abreast on latest research and expertise. The HCA offers a variety of educational opportunities of highest caliber for our members including regular Knowledge Meetings, the HCA Conference, the EMCC Annual Mentoring & Coaching Conference, the EMCC Annual Mentoring & Coaching Research Conference, the EMCC Mentoring eConference, and more.  


Knowledge Meetings

HCA's Knowledge Meetings are scheduled approximately every two months, and feature Greek and foreign colleagues as well as other professionals, with the aim to support the:

  1. Continuous education of our members
  2. Creation a stronger community amongst those interested in coaching
  3.  Provision information on issues such as accreditation
  4. Expansion of the dialogue between all stakeholders (coaches, clients, sponsors, academics, press, etc.)

Visit the Events page for more information on our next Knowledge Meeting.