One of the main objectives of Hellenic Coaching Association (HCA/EMCC Greece) is the development, promotion and growth of coaching in Greece. For this reason, we are pleased to announce that it is the first and only professional coaching association in Greece, at present, which can now accept applications for corporate membership.

Companies that wish to apply for membership at the HCA will have all the benefits of individual membership plus many other unique benefits that can be found on this website, from the main menu under the label “Membership”.

The HCA is counting on corporate support, as this will allow for the first time the active participation of representatives of companies that purchase coaching services, in planning and design phases for significant activities such as a new coaching survey in Greece and the creation of a buyer’s guide for coaching services.

We thus welcome representatives of all companies, who are interested in sharing their ideas, views and experiences to join us in discussing, but also to actively contribute to the future of coaching in Greece. 

For further information regarding corporate membership, please contact us by email: info[at]