The Hellenic Coaching Association affiliated with the European Coaching and Mentoring Council (EMCC) on June 2010, thus becoming the Greek arm of this pan-European organisation.

The EMCC brings together all parties interested in coaching and mentoring and has over 5,000 members in 21 countries, with more countries affiliating every year.

In becoming part of the EMCC, the HCA joins a pan-European community dedicated in building a reputable coaching profession. Together we are creating a European identity for the coaching profession, with a strong scientific basis and high standards of practice. 

The HCA has one seat on the Council, the EMCC’s governing body, and HCA members are currently working together with European colleagues on:

  • Coaching competency standards for the profession Europe-wide
  • The European Individual Accreditation (EIA)
  • The European Quality Award (EQA)
  • The European Supervision Individual Accreditation (ESIA)
  • Competence Framework Workgroup
  • Organisation of the annual EMCC Conference
  • Branding Workgroup


If you are interested in volunteering to contribute in the development of coaching globally, you can to explore which opportunities are currently available here.


The EMCC vision and aims


  • EMCC's vision is to be the "go to" body for mentoring and coaching.
  • EMCC exists to promote good practice and the expectation of good practice in mentoring and coaching across Europe. 
  • EMCC is made up of affiliated country EMCCs and direct members where a local EMCC does not yet exist.  The Council is responsible for EMCC strategy and steering the organisation.  It is made up of delegates from each of the following affiliated EMCCs – Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

You can find more information about EMCC on and on the conferences here:

The 20th Annual European Mentoring & Coaching Conference will be held in Athens, on 21-23 November 2013.  


EMCC Guiding Principles

1. EMCC is an inclusive organisation for all parties interested in promoting the quality and development of coaching and mentoring.
2. EMCC is pan-European
3. EMCC is an independent, impartial and non-profit making organisation
4. EMCC aims to bring together all interested parties including:

  • Providers of coaching and mentoring services (including training and supervision)
  • Researchers into coaching and mentoring
  • Buyers of coaching and mentoring

5. EMCC promotes the adoption of quality standards.


EMCC' Strategic Plan

The EMCC strategic plan for 2012-2017 has been updated.  

You can find out more here as well reading interviews with the strategic objective owners in the special edition of our newsletter.