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We welcome all who are passionate and committed to coaching: coaches, coach training providers, HR executives and other professionals whose roles include responsibility for co-ordination and provision of coaching, consultants, managers and individuals with an interest in coaching, as well as organizations who want to promote a coaching culture.

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What is coaching

Coaching is a creative activity that seeks to support stakeholders to develop & enhance their skills and, eventually, reach their goals. It can focus both on the individual and on groups, facilitating the identification of alternative ways of managing professional and personal challenges.

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The HCA has won a Bronze HR Excellence Award

The Hellenic Coaching Association received on October 13th, 2014 the Bronze Award in the category "Leadership and People...

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One of the main objectives of Hellenic Coaching Association (HCA/EMCC Greece) is the development, promotion and growth of coaching in...

Peer Coaching: Launch of round 2

Due to the great success of the first round of the Peer Coaching initiative, the HCA is pleased to announce the start of the 2nd round of...

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HR professional


HR professional

HR professional

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